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Introduction to the Birth Chart & five elements Analysis

If a thin line is what separates you from the life of your dreams. Would you be willing to take less than a minute to change your life? This power is now in your hands and the answers are right before you. By knowing your lucky element and taking the necessary steps to integrate them into your life, you have embarked on the grand adventure of wholeness and lasting happiness*. This system is R&D by Dr.Steve Liu,based on ancient I Ching, Five Elements, and TCM Theories . The seers of old have extensively mapped out the varied morpohological terrains of nature phenomena to presage events within the context of individual and collective manifestations. Based on your five elements analysis telling your missing and beneficial elements, this system will provide valuable recommendations on which Five-element herb, nutrient and lifestyle combinations are best suited to balance your life and promote better well-being. Just enter your birthday below.. *Results may vary

Dr. Steve and Steven Seagal

"My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Steve Liu's Five Element Analysis System and Personalized OmniAll5 tablets.  His holistic system is one of the most unique in the world. I have noticed remarkable changes in my life especially in the areas of good luck and health. I congratulate Dr. Steve Liu for benefiting the world with Golden Life Medical Group. "
-- Steven Seagal

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