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  Organic Zen Sei Mei Green Tea
SKU #: GT001

Tea is the best beverage for keeping health. We recommend "GreenChi of Life  Tea" specially to you for a good reason-- It is the best blend of "Live Green Tea Leaves" harvested in Japanese utilizing unique and safe agricultural procedures. Since only organic manure is used, no polluted or contaminated chemicals can be found in the live leaves throughout the processes.

Cold or boiled water can be used with "Chi of Life Green Tea" to produce a fresh and green drink containing more than ordinary teas such ingredients as poly phenol, Vitamin C and Tannin which are beneficial to our health and well known among health conscious people.

Chi of Life Green Tea is pure, not only offering refreshing taste but also effective in prevention of high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis caused by cholesterol. For people with overeating and weight problems, drink one cup of Chi of Life Green Tea after each meal. If can produce miracle effects in maintaining beauty by reducing weight and keeping it off. 

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