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Body Traction Unit

  Whole Body Traction Unit
SKU #: WB001


New vertebrate traction rehabilitation: Safe, elastic holding belt design allows the traction and dragging of neck vertebrate muscle and ligament and the expansion if intervertebral foramen. This will restore the deformed intervertebral disk, reduce the pressure on neck and strengthen the tensile of neck muscles and relieve the sour and ache of shoulder and neck.

Aids in Recovery from Bone Sours: External Physical forces and prolonged unnatural posture in many occupations can lead to excessive compression of the vertebrae causing bone spurs. This couch allows the user to conduct recovery and treatment at home.

Relief from Upper and Lower Back Pain: Both aging and external burdens can make the spinal disks deformed, causing unnatural spinal curvature, which in turn impedes blood circulation and causes back aches. This couch employs traction to correct spinal couvature and relieve pain.

Increase in Height: By applying traction, the couch counters the effects of gravity on the body, increasing the space between the spinal vertebrae and giving ample space for cell growth. It also gently stretches the leg muscles, with excellent results.

Use the Neck, Leg, Back and Sinew Traction Couch everyday for 15 minutes,note cervical traction should not excess3-5 minutes a day.Or as needed,in order to increase in height, recover from bone spurs and keep away from bumpback, back pain, neck pain etc.or you should consult with health care professionals.
Our patent product is stronger enough to protect all of the users, since this machine counters the effects of gravity, pressure & hard work on the body.

  • To reduce the pressure on neck and strength the tensile of neck muscles and relieve the sour and ache of shoulder and neck.
  • To increase the space between the spinal vertebrae.
  • To give space for cell growth.
  • To straighten curved spine.
  • To straighten thigh.
  • To straighten leg.


  • For better effects, using the machine after any kinds of warm up process. (such as sinking hot water etc.)
  • If the user experience dizziness, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once. Consult a physician immediately.
  • The pregnant women, children or injured are specially reminded not to use it without consulting to doctors.
  •  Should you have any abnormal feeling with your body or with the exercise function, stop your use immediately.
  • For rehabilitation purpose, consulting to doctors are required.
  • Take a longer time to apply an exercise is not permitted.


  1. Move the Tractor's handle backward completely to make sure the tractor at the START position.
  2. Use the Angle Adjustment Pin to adjust the height of the machine (3-way angle incline control).
  3. Lie down on our back and move the handle with your right hand. This will cause the foot support to move away. When you feel a pull in your lower back, stop moving the handle and lie still for a while. When the vensation has disappeared (about 3-5 minutes), then repeat traction process one more time. On average, you should repeat this traction process five times over a period of about 15 minutes (Total length of traction in 12cm).
  4. When you have completed the 15 minutes traction process, move your body a little forward & take a rest before get up.
  5. For the best results, do the traction every day before going to sleep. 

Introductory price: $499.00 per set  plus S&H $35.00 within U.S.A. International shipping fee is subject to shiper quoted.

Price: $449.00

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